My boyfriend is a personal trainer at the YMCA and he wanted me to help him with some advertising like, flyers and ads to advertise his summer camps. Although after a few flyers we started thinking that we should work more on his personal identification or in other words his own brand so he could sell himself better. We all know how hard it is to be an independent worker. All  you need to constantly think is NEW CLIENTS,so we thought this would be the answer.

Then you start wondering… Does branding really works? Is it difficult? Is it really going to make a big difference?

I don’t have any experience in branding besides what I learned in college so I’m not going to lie, it was a new challenge for me as a professional and the work is not totally done already but we keep working on it.

After hours of work and thinking we got to the name ABOVE AVERAGE RESULTS. OK we have the name, now we need a image!

Even though I was scared and I wanted the best for my boyfriend’s business I just tried and created something. Something that ended being one of my best design jobs, we loved it and his clients loved it too!